Tattoos, VCRs, & The KFIN Breakfast Club

Wednesday June 7, 2023

*** Brandon’s surprised when Kai asks to get a tattoo *** Do you still own a VCR *** KFIN Breakfast Club *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights: latch-key incontinence, exertion headaches & the warning on sucralose (Splenda) *** Mikel Wewers: Foundation of Arts – Season Reveal, Kid & Adult Summer Classes and June Events *** Chrissy Holbrook w/ Craighead County Library: Summer Concert on the Lawn w/ Cory Jackson *** Rodney Poff W/ Occasions Magazine: Jonesboro Events in June *** Wet Nose Wednesday w/ Dr. Kevin Reed & Vetcare: Symptoms of heat stroke *** Chloe Grace Bowen – Center Stage Productions: Memphis the Musical ***