Imposter Syndrome + Cocomelon Withdrawal + KFIN Breakfast Club

Wednesday May 24, 2023

*** Kelly gets royally embarrassed on her birthday *** Rudest things you can do at a public pool *** Blake Shelton says goodbye to The Voice *** KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB: *** Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights – Allergies in Arkansas & the “Cocomelon” effect *** Anna Kay Fitts – St. Bernards Triple Swing – “Living in the Land of the Delta” (Dinner, Dance, Pickleball & Golf Tournament) *** Dr. Dana Watson w/ Families Inc: Imposter Syndrome *** Wet Nose Wednesday w/ Dr. Kevin Reed & Vetcare – Things we should learn from our pets (cat naps, exercise and living in the moment) *** Brad Bobo w/ A-STATE Athletics: Howl On Wheels Caravan, Football Season tickets & the hype around Coach Hodgson ***