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The Priscilla Block Experience + Brandon Might Have Ruined Your Oatmeal

Monday October 2, 2023 *** Priscilla Block & the onstage experience *** Taylor Swift brings entourage to cheer on Chiefs *** Brandon’s comparison might have ruined your oatmeal *** Have you pretended to like a meal so you didn’t hurt feelings *** Do you have phone call etiquette *** Powerball now up to $1.04B *** […]

It’s Taylor Time + Brandon’s Backstage Experience + Kelly’s Perm Era

Thursday September 28, 2023 *** Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce merch is everywhere *** Brandon believes it’s peak time to share his handwritten letter from Taylor Swift *** Kelly’s perm era *** Chelsea Handler’s new man *** High Five: Customer gives waiter $10K tip *** Adults are buying emotional support dolls ***

Kelly’s Late Night w/ Lainey Wilson + Tinder Select + KFIN Breakfast Club – Powered by Families Inc.

Wednesday September 27, 2023 *** Kelly’s late night alone w/ Lainey Wilson *** Tinder is now offering “Tinder Select” – for ONLY $499/month *** High Five: Florida officer saves two from riptide *** KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB: *** Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights – Are cell phones causing more cases of cancer *** Noelle Richardson […]

Kelly Has A Fair Time + The All Day Birthday Celebration

Tuesday September 26, 2023 *** Kelly goes to the fair *** Kai and the ALL DAY birthday *** Kelly roasts Brandon for using a ring light for Kai’s birthday photos *** Is The Office getting a reboot? *** Trend alert – Adding a fake belly button *** High Five – Benton community shows support for […]

Brandon Reflects On Kai’s 14th Birthday + Hanging With Miss America + Too Much Grooming & Bronzer

Monday September 25, 2023 *** Brandon reflects on Kai’s 14th birthday *** Hanging with Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields, plus feeding steak to strangers, too much bronzer, and a grooming mishap *** Brandon “heard” Kelly is auditioning for a new reality show ***Woman climbs into toilet to retrieve Apple Watch *** High Five – 103 […]

Brandon Is A Giddy Up Cowboy + Kelly Reflects On Wynne Skateland + A Friends Anniversary

Friday September 22, 2023 *** Brandon’s throwback photo comments keep rolling in *** Friends and other 90’s TV shows that stand the test of time *** Kelly reminisces as Wynne Skateland celebrates 50 years *** What is Anti-ghosting and why Brandon would rather ghost *** High Five – Conway man heads to Mullet Championship *** […]

Brandon’s Trench Coat & Snakeskin Boot Phase + Kelly And The Torture Of Clothes Shopping For Kids

Thursday September 21, 2023 *** Brandon’s trench coat & snakeskin boot phase *** Kelly, Kurt, and the torture of shopping for clothes *** New iPhone has sensitive content warning feature *** The day pigs fly – Kelly gives Brandon a compliment *** High Five – Atlanta Officer saves motorist *** Studies show happiness peaks at […]

A Clean Home + A New Contract + KFIN Breakfast Club – Powered by Families Inc.

Wednesday September 20, 2023 *** How often is your home clean *** Vanna White signs new contract with Wheel of Fortune *** Katy Perry sells music catalog for $225M *** High Five – Batesville high school teacher helps save student’s life *** Today on the KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB: *** Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights […]

Kelly And The Great Dog Escape + Brandon Offers Strangers Previously Eaten Steak

Tuesday September 19, 2023 *** Kelly & the Great Dog Escape *** Brandon surprised by social media response to his dating advice *** The Nick Chubb injury *** Habits that may be exhausting you *** Kelly calls Brandon out for offering his steak to strangers *** How often do you go commando *** High Five: […]

Brandon’s Idiotic Dating Advice To His Son + Kelly’s Uncomfortable Moment With Security

Monday September 18, 2023 *** Brandon’s idiotic advice to his son Kai as he gets his first social account *** Kelly’s uncomfortable moment with stadium security *** Do people still do extreme couponing *** First love *** Subway is testing 3 inch subs *** High Five: Jonesboro Police Officer A.J. Orday steps up for the […]