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Kelly Is Working It Out + Celebrating Our Best Friends

Thursday June 8, 2023 *** Brandon blames Kelly and “partying” for his lack of sleep *** Kelly’s impeccable timing on returning to the gym *** Most common contributors to failed relationships *** We celebrate National Best Friends Day *** Do you like it when you are greeted at a store *** High Five: 14 year […]

Tattoos, VCRs, & The KFIN Breakfast Club

Wednesday June 7, 2023 *** Brandon’s surprised when Kai asks to get a tattoo *** Do you still own a VCR *** KFIN Breakfast Club *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights: latch-key incontinence, exertion headaches & the warning on sucralose (Splenda) *** Mikel Wewers: Foundation of Arts – Season Reveal, Kid & Adult Summer […]

Brandon’s Bathroom Observation + Travel Tips For Kelly

Tuesday June 6, 2023 *** Brandon’s awkward bathroom observation *** Kelly preps for CMA Fest *** Bar apologizes for offering discounts based on bra size *** Wearing a hoodie in 95 degree weather *** Would you rather travel by boat, plane, train, or automobile *** Apple announces VR Headset *** High Five: Hot Springs Animal […]

Kelly Preps For CMA Fest + Brandon’s Weekend Of Doing Manly Things

Monday June 5, 2023 *** Kelly preps for CMA Fest *** Brandon’s weekend of doing “manly” things *** That’s how the Cookie Crumbles *** Why Kelly refuses to buy nice sunglasses *** 5,300 U.S. Postal Workers were attacked by dogs *** High Five: 14 year old walks 6 miles to graduation ***

Brandon Is Mr. Nice Guy + Take A Diaper To Taylor Swift

Friday June 2, 2023 *** Brandon claims he is “extra nice” now that he has more tattoos *** Taylor Swift concert fans wearing diapers & experiencing post-concert amnesia *** Things that were normal 25 years ago, but are now considered luxuries *** Favorite donut & donut deals *** Pee Wee Herman upset at collector *** […]

Kai Gets A Dirt Bike + Kelly Takes A Spelling Test

Thursday June 1, 2023 *** Kelly’s prediction comes true *** Dumb things we believed as kids *** JLO & Ben buy a $60M mansion *** Brandon puts Kelly’s spelling to the test *** High Five: Hardy, AR. Fire Dept raises thousands for FILL the BOOT campaign *** Celebrating the life of Andy Griffith ***

We Survived Memorial Day Weekend + Bonfires In The Summer + Those Stupid Skylights

Tuesday May 30, 2023 *** Who lights a bonfire in 88 degree weather? *** Brandon refuses to buy any cakes with “cream cheese” frosting *** Home decor choices we regret *** Over the top senior pranks *** High Five: Billionaire speaks at graduation and gives each $1K *** Queen’s library could be sold for $1B […]

Imposter Syndrome + Cocomelon Withdrawal + KFIN Breakfast Club

Wednesday May 24, 2023 *** Kelly gets royally embarrassed on her birthday *** Rudest things you can do at a public pool *** Blake Shelton says goodbye to The Voice *** KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB: *** Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights – Allergies in Arkansas & the “Cocomelon” effect *** Anna Kay Fitts – St. […]

Her Shoulders Are Out & Her DM’s Are Open

Tuesday May 23, 2023 *** It’s Kelly’s Birthday **** Kelly is surprised with tickets to CMA fest *** Brandon tests Kelly’s movie knowledge *** People on flight upset after woman spends hours doing nails *** High Five: Maumelle AR. – Harvey Shelton gets special graduation after accident *** How many close friends do you have […]

Kelly’s Weekend With Chelsea Handler + Brandon’s Kit Kat Battle With Kai

Monday May 22, 2023 *** Brandon’s appalled by the way his son eats a KitKat bar *** American Idol Finale *** Kelly goes go Graceland w/ Chelsea Handler *** Restaurant in Philly selling $700 Burger *** Chicken in a Biscuit *** High Five: Homeless man saves family from fire *** AI is taking over ***