BBITM – Podcast 8/3/18

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6AM – Brandon is addicted to “portrait” mode. What’s trending today? Instagram is now stalking us. Gotcha Gossip- Demi Lovato’s personal assistant thought she was dead. People are Crazy: Ticketed for craving Taco bell.

7AM – Laundry is public enemy #1 at Brandon’s house. We celebrate birthdays! Country Music News: Carrie Underwood misses chance for a big family. David goes to social media to decide on his wardrobe for a fancy dinner. YOU get to vote!

8AM – David tries on all 3 options for his fancy dinner. Gotcha Gossip: Charlie Sheen has run out of money. David continues to talk fashion for this weekend.

9AM – New Movies and what Rotten Tomatoes is telling us about them. Country Music News: Luke Bryan gives a tour of his new bar! What’s on TV this weekend?