BBITM – 8/2/18 Podcast

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6AM – Kelly is accused of having dirty hair. What’s trending today? Kip Moore uses Instagram to get a free home cooked meal. Gotcha Gossip: Jennifer Aniston may want a FRIENDS reboot! People are Crazy: Elderly fight over Cheese?

7AM – Brandon has discovered something life changing. We celebrate Birthdays! Country Music News: Is Carrie Underwood back for Sunday Night Football? Brandon begs food chains to “fix yo prices!”

8AM – Rodney Poff- Event Roster. David likes to watch inappropriate shows with his Mom. Gotcha Gossip: Demi Lovato set to leave the hospital this week. Pregnant women served cleaning solution instead of coffee!

9AM – Rihanna like being “thicc.” Country Music News: Luke Combs and Lauren Alaina play pick up softball every Friday. What’s on TV tonight?