BBITM – 1/10/19 – Has Brandon Volunteered To Fight Ronda Rousey?!?

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Full Show:  The real meaning of the speed limit sign. Driving in Jonesboro. A woman in a vegetative state gives birth. Gotcha Gossip: Big Changes coming to the Oscars. People are Crazy: He “accidentally” stabbed the groom. Why are kids so picky? We celebrate birthdays. Country Music News: FGL releases tour dates. Kelly volunteers Brandon to fight Ronda Rousey WWE RAW….Go to Twitter and retweet Kelly’s tweet! (kellyonfkin). John 3:16 Ministries- Winter Blast. Gotcha Gossip- J-LO takes the blame for failed relationships. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos getting a divorce. Women are taking part in Jan-u-hairy. What’s on TV tonight?