BBITM – Podcast 9/20/18

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Full Show:  People at the fair are talking about David’s crop top! Sony is dropping the Playstation Classic. Gotcha Gossip: New music from Avril Lavigne. People are Crazy: Wait, so he didn’t get arrested for this?? David’s awkwardness follows him to the Dentist. We celebrate Local and Celebrity Birthdays! Justin Moore tickets! Country Music News: Big news for Carrie Underwood. Brandon’s time at the fair. David has a new policy on eating at work. Someone needs to tell David National ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ was yesterday. Gotcha Gossip: Who is headlining the Super Bowl Halftime?? Brandon can’t stop watching himself! What’s the one topping you want on a pizza? Country Music News: New music from Billy Currington. TV Tonight.