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AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 12/1/22 | Kelly’s Early Christmas + What Spotify Wrapped Has Revealed

*** Brandon & Kelly dive into their Spotify 2022 Wrapped and Brandon makes an interesting discovery *** Kelly surprised with early Christmas present *** Who starts a diet in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (Brandon sets himself up to fail) *** Top Holiday Candy *** Chevy Chase is back as Clark Griswold & Courteney Cox gives […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/30/22 | KFIN Breakfast Club – Powered by Families Inc.

*** Kelly wakes up with her pj’s on backwards and Brandon feels queasy *** Bring JOY this season sending Christmas cards *** AMS High Five- Caddo Valley, AR. McDonald’s worker surprised by customer *** Have you told these lies *** Today on the KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: *** Doc Talk w/ Dr. […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/29/22 | Lack of Motivation, The Lost Clicker, & Celebrating Jerry “The King” Lawler

*** Brandon excuses his lack of motivation and Kelly’s lost her clicker *** Cyber Monday spending *** Brandon celebrates the birth of Jerry “The King” Lawler and Kelly begs “The King” for AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly caricature *** $1M Powerball ticket sold in Conway *** Giving Tuesday *** Kelly’s son beats her at her […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/28/22 | Friendsgiving Drama, Fanny Smackin’ In Football, & Cyber Monday

*** Brandon reminisces about the flight he thought was his last *** Deer, pheasant and the bloody nose *** Brandon wonders why we don’t slap employees on the butt, like athletes do *** Are Thanksgiving leftovers still good? *** Black Friday numbers and Cyber Monday shopping tips *** Where do you put your nail clippings? […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/22/22 | Holiday Houseguests, Weight Gain, & Celebs At Your Table

*** What’s the maximum number of days YOU want holiday houseguests in YOUR home *** First thoughts of the day *** Average person expects to gain weight before the new year *** Brandon ISO of a zoo animal for Christmas *** What celebrities would you invite to your Thanksgiving table ***Arkansas’ Morning Show High Five: […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/18/22 | Brandon’s Inappropriate Gift + Lets Go Hunting

*** Brandon & Kelly’s First thought of the day leads to a major debate *** Morning BRAMBLES *** The fiber install *** Go through the Phonetic Alphabet with us *** Meeting Amanda Beth Carmen *** Kelly goes hunting with Elmer Fudd *** Brandon’s given a slightly inappropriate gift *** Arkansas’ Morning Show High Five- Lake […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/15/22 | Kelly Is Making Her Netflix Debut?!?

*** First thought of the day, GO *** Who takes pre-workout at 3:30 am and doesn’t work out *** Morning Brambles *** Kelly’s making her Netflix debut on Chelsea Handler’s special Revolution *** Arkansas’ Morning Show High Five – Oldest living American is 115 *** Brandon justifies (tries to) why his family should get a […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/14/22 | Man Of The People + Wienermobile Names

*** Brandon is “accepting accolades” for braving weather conditions to entertain fans *** What would your nickname be if YOU were driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile *** Remembering life without seatbelts *** Brandon thinks he should watch what he calls “the new western show” Yellowstone *** Thanksgiving Dinner might be cheaper in a restaurant *** […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/11/22 | Veterans Day, It’s Deer Hunting Season, & Sarah Huckabee Sanders Transition Team

*** VETERANS DAY *** B & K’s first thought of the day *** Happy Hunters & Happy Hunting as gun season kicks off in Arkansas *** We act fake at family gatherings *** Veterans Day Deals *** Governor- elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders announces transition team and Brandon feels left out *** Watch OUT! Deer on […]

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – 11/8/22 | It’s Election Day & Brandon Asks For Your Vote?!?

*** Voter anxiety *** Powerball Jackpot delayed due to glitch *** Parents spend the most on Christmas for kids between 7-12 *** Who gives a 10 year old a screwdriver for Christmas *** Arkansas’ Morning Show High Five – Homeless man helps Chicago woman change flat tire *** People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive *** The […]