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BBiTM – Podcast 11/30/21 – The Poor Man’s Pitbull + Testing Kelly’s Memory

*** “Mr. Arkansas – Mr. Statewide – Mr. 870” is out of control! *** Will Brandon hold out on Kai’s Christmas present? *** Kelly attempts The 12 Days of Christmas *** Study says nutrition on alcohol could lower obesity. *** Average American does 8 good deeds a month. *** The perfect job is working 29 […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/29/21 – Is That Mr. Worldwide?!?

Brandon is mistaken for Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull. *** Thanksgiving with Gwen is a Win! *** What’s on your Cyber Monday list? *** Grab a partner, do-si-do! *** Today is the last day for your Thanksgiving leftovers. *** Brandon finds a black Friday deal on Madden 22. *** Monday morning motivation with Eric Burch. *** People […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/24/21 – It’s Thanksgiving Eve + Drinksgiving

*** Happy Drinksgiving! *** Brandon is frustrated by his 25 lb turkey. *** What is your favorite Thanksgiving side? *** Most men won’t cook or clean on Thanksgiving. *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: Dr. Shane Speights – Dean of the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at A-STATE (Arkansas Covid Update). *** Brandi […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/23/21 – Brandon Is Conflicted About Thanksgiving

*** Brandon begins the morning frazzled. *** Kelly surprised by a family member from Hawaii. *** Brandon worries he may forget a Thanksgiving feast staple? *** Brandon’s wife sets up a Thanksgiving tour. *** Is it okay to push the Thanksgiving meal back to 8pm? *** Kelly accuses Brandon of being lazy. *** Tiffany butchers […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/22/21 – Brandon Gets Called Out By Santa Claus

*** Brandon’s awkward encounter with Santa at NEA Baptist’s Tree Lighting. *** Go for a ride today! *** Brandon preps for Thanksgiving meal. *** For Plumbers, the day after Thanksgiving Is called “Brown Friday”. *** Signs of a bad Thanksgiving guest. *** Brandon spends his night ballin’ with the Red Wolves & the Razorbacks! *** […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/18/21 – Brandon Is A Little Underdressed + Boxers or Briefs

*** Did you feel that (Earthquake)!?! *** Did Brandon really ask Coach Butch Jones if he wore boxers or briefs? *** Austin Booth joins us from Arkansas Game & Fish. *** Two-thirds of us say a relative will get drunk at a holiday event. *** Brandon shows up to an event under dressed and faces […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/17/21 – Don’t Unfriend Brandon + KFIN Breakfast Club

If you’re thinking about unfriending someone, today is the day *** You have been using your antiperspirant wrong your whole life *** John Krasinski reveals how he refused a story line on The Office where Jim cheated on Pam *** KFIN Breakfast Club Powered By Families Inc: Matt Daniel- Head Women’s Basketball Coach- A-STATE vs. […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/16/21 – Fallout From The Masked Singer

*** Brandon & Kelly need your help this morning! *** BBiTM hosts The Masked Singer *** Brandon auditions “accents” for NEA Baptist’s reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. *** Gen Z declares that blonde hair is cheugy. *** Barney the Dinosaur- 3 part Doc-u-series coming to Peacock. Brandon is not happy with one of […]

BBiTM – Podcast 11/15/21 – Brandon Almost Loses An Eye

*** Brandon almost loses an eye! *** Brandon volunteers Kelly to help him host an event tonight! *** Clean out your refrigerator today. *** Do you answer a call from a number you don’t know? *** Remember the days before caller ID? *** Monday morning motivation with Eric Burch. *** 92% of people say that […]

BBiTM – Carrie Underwood Releases Her “Stretchy Pants”

A portion of the proceeds from the streams and downloads of this song will be donated to The Store. The Store, founded by Brad and Kimberly Paisley, operates as a year-round free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs. More info: