BBITM – Brandon Baxter In The Morning

BBiTM – Podcast 9/18/20 – Brandon Is Upset About Kelly’s Band Tee

Recap; It’s Nat’l Hug Your Boss Day | Nat’l Cheeseburger Day & Nat’l First Love Day. On this day in country music: 1981 – Ronnie McDowell – “Older Women.” Gotcha Gossip: Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston together again and Chrissy Teigen accidentally announces baby gender. 44 years ago – In 1976, “Play That Funky Music” […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/17/20 – The ACM’s + The Return Of Roy Rogers

Recap: It’s Nat’l Monte Crisco Day | Locate an old friend Day. On this day in country music: 1995 – Tim McGraw – “I Like it, I Love it.” Gotcha Gossip: Joaquin Phoenix – Offered $50M for two Joker movies and Cardi B changes terms of divorce. We talk to longtime long listener, Cowboy Roy […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/16/20 – Dr. Shane Speights Talks Covid In Arkansas

Recap: It’s Nat’l Guacamole Day and Nat’l Playdoh Day. On this day in country music: 2010: Blake Shelton – “All About Tonight.” Gotcha Gossip: Cardi B is divorcing OFFSET and Reese Witherspoon was terrified being pregnant at 22. Brandon enjoyed his night with Alabama. People are Crazy: Sumo champ breaks into a house to get […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/15/20 – Kelly Is the Worst Driver + Brandon Is Packing Up

Recap: Nat’l Neonatal Nurses Day | Nat’l Double Cheeseburger Day | Nat’l Online learning Day. On this day in country music: 2009 – Jason Aldean – “Big Green Tractor.” Gotcha Gossip: Chris Evans speaks out about NSFW photo and Britney Spears no longer wants to perform. “Good Times” is being rebooted as an animated series. […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/11/20 – Never Forget

Recap: It’s 9/11. Happy Patriot Day. On this day in country music: 2005 – Faith Hill – “Mississippi Girl,” Ballerini out today! Gotcha Gossip: Candace Cameron Bure addresses controversial pic and Will Smith posts Fresh Prince reunion pic! People are Crazy: Student who knowingly has COVID throws big party- cops intervene. September 11, 2001 – […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/10/20 – Brandon’s Walk Of Shame + School Pictures

Recap: National School Picture Day & Nat’l TV Dinner Day. On this day in country music: 1980 – Johnny Lee – “Lookin’ for Love.” Gotcha Gossip: Denise Richards leaving The Real Housewives and Justin Timberlake trying to bring MLB Team to Nashville. 30 years ago The Fresh Prince of Bel-air debuted on TV. Celebs no […]

BBiTM AfterShow – 9/9/20 – It’s Back!

Recap; A super-rare #BBiTM Aftershow Podcast! Kelly has been trying to convince Brandon to do the Aftershow again, so here goes… Brandon Baxter In The Morning · BBiTM 09/09/20 – AFTERSHOW

BBiTM – Podcast 9/4/20 – First Jobs, Labor Day, & Mexican Pizzas

Recap: It’s Nat’t College Colors Day, Nat’l Lazy Mom’s Day. Brandon wonders about further fallout from Kelly’s bathroom pic. On this day in country music: 1981 – Ronnie Milsap – “There’s No Getting Over Me.” Gotcha Gossip: Robert Pattinson tests positive for COVID and Dr. Dre’s ex wife wants some major money. People are Crazy: […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/3/20 – Kelly’s Instagram Regret Leads To A Family Fallout

Recap: Today is Nat’l Skyscraper Day. Brandon up since 2:30 am. On this day in country: 1997 – Kenny Chesney – “She’s Got It All.” Gotcha Gossip: The Rock & family diagnosed with COVID19 & Dancing with the Stars cast announced. Billy Joel doesn’t sell front row tickets- but why? People are Crazy: Woman gets […]

BBiTM – Podcast 9/1/20 – Is Brandon Cheap + Gas Station Orders

Recap: It’s Nat’l Ginger Cat Day and Nat’l Tofu Day. Kelly’s dinner confession. On this day in country music: 2009 – Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me.” Gotcha Gossip: Justin Bieber buys $26M home and Fresh Prince reunion coming to HBO Max. Another edition of Brandon cries. People are Crazy: A naked guy at […]