BBiTM – Podcast 9/16/20 – Dr. Shane Speights Talks Covid In Arkansas

Recap: It’s Nat’l Guacamole Day and Nat’l Playdoh Day. On this day in country music: 2010: Blake Shelton – “All About Tonight.” Gotcha Gossip: Cardi B is divorcing OFFSET and Reese Witherspoon was terrified being pregnant at 22. Brandon enjoyed his night with Alabama. People are Crazy: Sumo champ breaks into a house to get her cat back. We celebrate birthdays! Dr. Shane Speights – Dean of NYIT College at ASTATE- COVID 19 Update. Matt Stolz – Voice of the Red Wolves. Families Inc: Christine Drake: Alzheimer’s Association -Jonesboro Walk. Alyssa Weaver – ASTATE Up Til Dawn fundriser. Dr. Kevin Reed – Vetcare. Country Music News: 55th ACM Awards Preview. What’s on the podcast and tv tonight?