BBiTM – Podcast 9/1/20 – Is Brandon Cheap + Gas Station Orders

Recap: It’s Nat’l Ginger Cat Day and Nat’l Tofu Day. Kelly’s dinner confession. On this day in country music: 2009 – Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me.” Gotcha Gossip: Justin Bieber buys $26M home and Fresh Prince reunion coming to HBO Max. Another edition of Brandon cries. People are Crazy: A naked guy at a Taco Bell drive-thru claims his clothes are in the wash. Cheap Brandon strikes again! We celebrate birthdays! Country Music News: Miranda Lambert has a new song out and Kelsea Ballerini drops video for “Hole in the Bottle.” What is your go to gas station order? “Big news Brandon is his name, throwing the news is his game.” Families may be zooming for Thanksgiving. What’s on the podcast and TV tonight?