BBiTM – Podcast 7/30/20 – Bill Clinton Experiences + Sweet Treat With A Little Meat

Recap: It’s National Cheesecake Day/& Chili Day/ & Father-in-law Day! Kelly couldn’t go to sleep and blames her dog. On this day in country music: 2007 – Big and Rich – “Lost in This Moment with You.” Gotcha Gossip: Tracy Morgan getting a divorce & Matthew Mcconaughey releasing memoir. Top comfort food during pandemic. Hot dog rice krispie treats are a thing. People are Crazy: Couple arrested for walking their dog…NAKED. When Kelly lets her boys choose dinner. We celebrate birthdays! Country Music News: Garth Brooks withdrawals name from CMT’s entertainer of the year and Brad Paisley releases video for “No I in Beer.” Randy Travis releases music from his archives. Brandon gives good advice on what NOT to do in a mask and how to prevent “maskne.” Brandon’s photo fail with President Clinton and Kelly makes his secret service men nervous. Do you hear green needle or brainstorm? Workout Anytime with Brandon Baxter! What’s on the podcast and on TV tonight?