BBITM – Podcast 6/1

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6AM – Lebron scored how many points? What’s trending. Brandon gives Kelly an intervention. Gotcha Gossip- Maroon 5 releases Inspiring Video. People are crazy: What not to do if you decide to steal a guitar. Kelly wants to dress like “Lora Lynn.”

7AM – It’s National Donut Day! Kelly’s teenagers make grocery shopping difficult… Birthdays. Country Music News: New music from Florida Georgia Line. Brandon & Kelly are concerned that the studio is now haunted.


8AM – Brandon decides to have a moment of full disclosure. Teens don’t care about Facebook. Brandon gets emotional with his mom. Gotcha Gossip: Top Gun 2. We call David at the beach.

9AM – A country artist has written a song about Brandon. Country Music News: Is Maren Morris a good boss? New movies at the Malco. Game 2 of the NBA Finals is Sunday.