BBITM – Podcast 5/31/18

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6AM – A1 Candles for sale. What’s trending. Brandon hands his son $25 a day for video game upgrades. Gotcha Gossip: Kim Kardashian meets with Donald Trump. People are crazy- Woman shaves legs in public hotel pool.

7AM – Does Kelly need therapy? Teenagers Driving. Birthdays. Country Music News- Who’s song has been streamed 1 billion times? The night Brandon and Justin Timberlake locked eyes.

8AM – Jonesboro Event Roster with Rodney Poff. Old school music that your kids love . Gotcha Gossip- Rosanne Barr feels misunderstood. David fails us all… AGAIN.

9AM – Does Kelly want to get pregnant? What 54 year old celebrity is expecting? Country music news: Miranda Lambert- new video out “Keeper of the Flame.” What’s on TV.