BBiTM – Podcast 2/13/20 – When A Trip To The Store Is More Than Just A Trip To The Store

Recap: 2005 – Rascal Flatts – “Bless the Broken Road.” Disney Land tickets are now $200 a day. Gotcha Gossip: Joe Jonas is going to be a DAD? What technological change affected you most in the last 10 years? People are Crazy: Trucker gets pulled over for “producing music” while driving. Brandon’s son Kai has an awkward locker room experience. We celebrate birthdays! Country Music News: Blake Shelton’s dog loves Gwen Stefani more than him. When a trip to the store isn’t just a trip to the store. Evidently, Brandon is the only one who uses a flashlight at dinner. Gotcha Gossip: People want to see Brad Pitt back with Angelina?? Valentines Day- The longer you have been together the less you spend. Brandon has gotten himself “in the mood.” KFC teams with CROCS for new shoes. Country Music News: Sugarland announces 2020 Tour. What’s on the Podcast and TV tonight?