BBiTM – Podcast 12/4/20 – Cookies, Cosmetic Procedures, & Tickle Bars

Recap: It’s National Bartender Day | Nat’l Cookie Day | Nat’l Sock Day. On this day in country music: 2003: Toby Keith “I Love This Bar.” Gotcha Gossip: Justin Bieber slams fan for attacking Hailey and George Clooney proves he’s king of the Flobee. Tickle Bar opening in Dallas. What the average person spends on 6 people for Christmas. People are Crazy: Bald man arrested for causing a scene at hair salon You are stranded on a deserted island and have one package of cookies- what are they? We celebrate birthdays! Country Music News: Carrie Underwood gets cows for Christmas and Jason Aldean teases new video for “Blame it on You.” Today in Pop Culture!Joe Biden asking Americans to mask up his first 100 days in office. Billboard Top Country songs of 2020. Kelly Perry’s Did You Know. Most searched cosmetic procedures of 2020. What’s on the podcast and on TV tonight?