BBITM – Podcast 12/2/19 – Brandon Declares Today “Jana Kramer Appreciation Day” + Thanksgiving Fallout

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Full Show:  Aren’t the holidays supposed to be relaxing? Gotcha Gossip: Taylor Swift lands the cover of British Vogue. It’s National Jana Kramer Appreciation Day! Brandon confuses Kai with the turkey neck. People are Crazy: Checking out in express lane with too many items. Brandon’s Clark Griswald Fry out moment. We celebrate birthdays! It’s National Jana Kramer Appreciation Day! Country Music News: Brett Eldredge writes song for his brother’s wedding. Monday Morning Motivation with Eric Burch. E.T. and Elliott reunite!!! Gotcha Gossip: Pete Davidson – Making Comedy show attendees sign a $1M NDA. It’s National Jana Kramer Appreciation Day! Kelly’s family breaks out home videos. Cyber Monday & Black Friday Numbers. Star Wars sends “Rise of Skywalker” screener to terminally ill fan. Country Music News: Garth Brooks Documentary “The Road I’m On.” What’s on TV tonight?