BBiTM – Podcast 11/17/21 – Don’t Unfriend Brandon + KFIN Breakfast Club

If you’re thinking about unfriending someone, today is the day *** You have been using your antiperspirant wrong your whole life *** John Krasinski reveals how he refused a story line on The Office where Jim cheated on Pam *** KFIN Breakfast Club Powered By Families Inc: Matt Daniel- Head Women’s Basketball Coach- A-STATE vs. U of A this Friday night *** Brad Baker – Lions Club TV Auction *** Kim Provost- NEA Baptist Foundation – Christmas Tree Lighting and Duck Classic *** Hillary Trickey: Jonesboro Jaycees – Christmas for Kids Toy Drive and the Christmas Parade is back! *** Dr. Kevin Reed – Vetcare *** Brad Bobo: Brings us the history behind A-STATE Women’s Basketball vs the Razorbacks ***