BBiTM – Podcast 1/13/20 – Retainers, Expensive Food, & Family Fued

Full Show Recap: On this Day in Country – 1991 – Garth Brooks – “Unanswered Prayers.” Woman busted for telling a boss she has a flat tire. Gotcha Gossip: Liam Hemsworth has moved on. The Great Oreo debate. People are Crazy: This burglar had to call 911 on himself. Kelly is Roasted by her mother. We celebrate Birthdays! Country Music News: Kane Brown teases collaboration with John Legend. Brandon is afraid he looks cheap, AGAIN. Woman finds the diapers she bought online were already used. Gotcha Gossip: The Girls Across the Hall are Back together! Hilarious moment from Family Feud/Canada. Top things we are worse at because of technology. We start feeling anxiety on Sunday’s at 3:58 pm. Country Music News: Kelly Clarkson covers Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About.” What’s on the Podcast and tonight on TV.