AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly – Podcast 06/30/22 – Trish Stratus, Social Media Day, Alligators In Arkansas

*** Brandon claims he was one of the first “King’s of MySpace” on World Social Media Day *** Arkansas’ Morning Show High Five – Kids raise money so dog can have three surgeries *** Farmers in DeWitt, Arkansas catch an alligator *** Brandon’s not too proud to beg his wife to go see WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at Arkansas Comic Con *** Spotify testing karaoke mode (go to karaoke song) *** New TikTok trend digging deep holes at the beach *** 4th of July cookouts will cost 17% more this year *** Summer etiquette rules to keep in mind More people think video game skills should be taught in school *** Arkansas’ Morning Show High Five – Jonesboro Fire Chief Kevin Miller to retire after 35 years of service ***